Ensemble with Electronics

Christopher Bailey
The Quiet Play of Busy Pipes*
Burton Beerman
Invisible Images*
Ivica Ico Bukvic
Tabula rasa*
Douglas Geers
Tremor Transducer*
Mara Helmuth
The Edge of Noise*
Paul Koonce
Paul Lansky
Eric Lyon
Introduction and Allegro*
Jennifer Bernard Merkowitz
Pure Dribble*
Gabriel Ottoson-Deal
Scintillating Fish*
Ronald Parks
Afterimage 7*
Margaret Schedel
Cassini Division*
Judith Shatin
El Grito del Corazon
Sean Varah
Slipping Image
Jen Wang
wind in her hair*
Spaces Between*
Krzysztof Wolek
Un Claro Del Tiempo
* commissioned by, written for, and premiered by NeXT Ens